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Product Name Price Quantity Total  
Potting Shed Collection Potting Shed Collection £29.95 £29.95 Remove
Tool Track Rack Tool Track Rack £29.95 £29.95 Remove
Sack O'Veg x3 Sack O'Veg x3 £8.00 £8.00 Remove
Oak Dibber Oak Dibber £4.95 £4.95 Remove
String on a Stick (Green) String on a Stick (Green) £19.95 £19.95 Remove
Black Soap Garden Spray Black Soap Garden Spray £12.95 £12.95 Remove
Natural Raffia (100g) Natural Raffia (100g) £10.00 £10.00 Remove
£0.00 £0.00 Remove
Paper Potter Pair Paper Potter Pair £24.95 £24.95 Remove
Jumbo Plant Labels x5 Jumbo Plant Labels x5 £8.75 £8.75 Remove
Oak Tags x5 Oak Tags x5 £4.95 £4.95 Remove
Sack O'Veg x1 Sack O'Veg x1 £3.00 £3.00 Remove
Vegetable Brush Vegetable Brush £5.95 £5.95 Remove
Pot Brush Pot Brush £12.95 £12.95 Remove
Paper Potter Patter Paper Potter Patter £4.95 £4.95 Remove
Black Soap 250ml Black Soap 250ml £8.50 £8.50 Remove
£ 189.75
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5.95 for orders from 25.01 to 50.00
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Shipping charges for orders outside the UK are 10.00.
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